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Are you a former member of Aston University Radio Society ?

If so, you will have operated either G3UOA or G8PGM in your time. (QRZ.COM)


G8CQH is compiling this page in memory of the Aston '"Rad. Soc." Alumni

Please sign in; i.e. send him an email with your sojourn details.


The Radio Society has long ceased to operate and the Shack NR5 has been given over to use by the nearby Language Department.

Aerials still visible on the roof are lying! 

The two masts were activated with a 160m Windom between them, on March 17/18/19, 2011

Phil Cadman, G4JCP and I have decided it's time to write something about the masts.

If you can offer an anecdote, do please make contact.


Peter G8CQH

 The Alumni: (so far compiled !!)

    Callsign Status Period Position Period Project Present Contact
Peter Best G8CQH Staff 1978 - 2009 President   CAIRO email Web-Site
Phil Cadman G4JCP UG then PG 1973 - 1981 various   Packet Radio and Data Transmission email Web-Site
Mike Higlett G6WTM UG then PG 1987 - 1997 Chairman 1988-1993 CAIRO, etc. email Web-Site
John Holloway M0DTJ Staff 1979 - 1986 Equipment Officer   HF/2M email  
Ian McAlpine G7FTO - VE7FTO UG 1987 - 1991 Secretary 1989-1991 CAIRO (Raynet Packet) email  
Allan Watson G8KFX, G4GRH, ZL1CO UG 1970 - 1971       email