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From a consensus of established CAIRO Users, this set of personal CAIRO items has been found to be sufficient for most 'solo' occasions. It assumes that the user drives a vehicle which is routinely equipped with (CAIRO-adapted) transceiver(s).

It is also assumed that ancilliary equipment for the Transceivers, etc., is carried seperately (e.g. in a "Tidy-Box") and also that Documentation is carried by other means (e.g. a brief-case).

An ideal Grab-Bag is the aluminium 'photographic-case'; = 450 x 150 x 350 mm (or equivalent capacity).


  Item Detail or Alternative
  CAIRO Rig-Adaptor(s)  
  Orange Reel  
  Extension Line(s) approx. length = 12ft, 4 m
  Dual Operator Box a Single-Op Box may suffice
  Extension Loudspeaker also see Bus Speaker
  'Fist'-Mike or Speaker-Mike
  Telephone Handset
with integral PTT
also see Handy Hint #8
  Monophone Headset
(e.g. Yaesu YH1)
or Binaural Headset
(e.g. Maplin LH375)
in a polythene bag
it may be muddy after use
  Hand-PTT also see Handy Hint #5

Pair of

CAIRO-8 TTUs if the '/M' transceiver(s) has CAIRO-8 conversion

2 (or 3)

Cut Rubber Bungs; HH4 for slip-on protection of Line cable
when it passes through a minimally ajar door or window
String for tying a door or window closed against a cut bung when used as a cable-through wedge
Cloth for wiping Orange-Reel Line cable (and TTT) after use in wet or dirty ground conditions
Check-List a (laminated) card Contents List helps checking when packing up while weary or exhausted

All non-trivial Items should have personal labels, to avoid mix-ups when packing up - HH16